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Are the loans at your institution properly boarded? Do the terms and conditions in your internal accounting system mirror the terms and conditions in the Notes? Kresser, Corona and Associates has been retained by lending institutions to review all types of Notes and verify the accuracy of the terms and conditions in the lender’s accounting system. Types of loans that have been reviewed include:


·         HELOCs

·         Commercial Real Estate Loans

·         Line of Credits

·         Loans with “Swap Rates”

·         Commercial Term Loans

·         Renewable Energy Loans

·         Construction Loans

·         Entertainment Loans 


Kresser Corona & Associates is not limited to SBA loans when reviewing loan documents. More often than you might expect, loans are mistakenly boarded by the lender. The analysis of these reports provides a lender with accurate amortization, billing schedules, rate detail, interest accrual methods, payment streams and fee schedules. Our data reflects that an average of 20% to 30% of loans are improperly boarded. These inaccuracies can be either detrimental to the borrower or to lender. The results and discoveries of the Boarding Reviews are provided to the client with an economic breakdown for an immediate resolution. The results provide our clients with the framing of developing internal measures for compliance with Federal and State Lending Standards.

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