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Paycheck Protection Loan Program Assistance

For Small Businesses

With the ever changing guidelines of the PPP program, many small businesses are faced with the possibility of not having their entire PPP loan forgiven. If not, the small business may be required to pay the unforgiven portion within 2 years of their loan's funding. For those businesses already in a financially stressful situation, the PPP loan may do more harm to the business than good.

Due to the volume of PPP loans many lenders have in their portfolio, many small business may not have the one-on-one guidance they require when submitting their application to SBA. Our Firm can help small businesses review their application documents to make sure the lender has everything they need to submit your application to SBA. 


Our Firm has a record of successfully working with SBA, lending institutions, and small businesses. We have the experience and knowledge of what SBA expects and how to safeguard your request for PPP forgiveness.

Contact us today to determine how we can help your small business.

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