Have you received a letter from SBA about a repair or a full denial of your guaranty? Your bank may be a risk of having to reimburse SBA a large sum of money that has not been budgeted for. In addition, a repair of denial of your guaranty can have a negative effect on a Lender’s PARRiS score which could determine its delegated authority in the future.

Kresser, Corona & Associates has been obtained by lenders to review SBA’s decision before concurring to their findings. Answering to SBA can be intimidating and knowing what documentation to respond with can be overwhelming. Our firm has been extremely successful in overturning SBA’s decision by providing a well-supported argument with documentation and evidence defending the bank’s guaranty.

"Kresser, Corona & Associates was brought into our bank due to a potential for a full denial of a large loan. Due to their enormous experience and their familiarity with SBA, they were able to overcome all of SBA’s objections, inquiries and findings resulting, in a full payment of our guaranty.  Since then, their firm has continued to work with us for years. They have managed our SBA portfolio and collected on guarantees that the bank had determined were uncollectable.


We are very happy to recommend Kresser, Corona & Associates as the number one Lender Service Provider." 


-Debra, SVP & Special Asset Manager


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