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SBA Loan Portfolio


After a loan has closed, changes often occur that can impact the Lender’s ability to administer or collect on the loan. Kresser, Corona & Associates monitors the lender’s SBA loan portfolio by mitigating the risk of loss associated with any change in accordance with performing servicing actions, obtaining SBA approval, post-approval requests, and more.

Kresser, Corona & Associates has helped many lenders by conducting all of their servicing actions. Actions can require intensive communications with borrowers to fulfill the lender’s approval and then recording of the documentation. The Firm can contact your borrower and collect all the necessary information for your institution’s approval, follow up with the documentation and the reporting to the SBA.

Our SBA advisors can handle your portfolio’s servicing actions whether it is a simple change of ownership or a complex substitution of collateral. We mitigate any risk associated with the borrowers’ request by assuring the soundness of the action prior to execution.

Kresser, Corona & Associates is here to support the lender when loans require intensive servicing. If the status of a loan is non-performing and it is transferred into liquidation, we have the expertise to assist you in submitting the necessary documentation in accordance with SBA’s stringent and time-sensitive policies.

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