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Kresser, Corona & Associates reviews


Kresser, Corona & Associates has managed our large Special Asset Portfolio for years. Due to a merger our bank acquired a large portfolio of non-performing SBA loans. We were able to collect millions of dollars on guaranty purchases where the guarantees had been considered uncollectable and were fully charged-off by our bank.  In addition, they have also brought in millions of dollars in expense reimbursements that had been overlooked. Their firm also conducts post funding loan reviews on all new loans that the bank originates.


The high quality of service and ethical professionalism has provided our bank invaluable performance to our bottom line. “We could not ask for better partners”. They are cost effective and we look forward to continuing working with them. 


-Anna, EVP & Chief SBA Lending Officer


Kresser, Corona & Associates was brought into our bank due to a potential for a full denial of a large loan. Due to their enormous experience and their familiarity with SBA, they were able to overcome all of SBA’s objections, inquiries and findings resulting in a full payment of our guaranty.  Since then, their firm has continued to work with us for years. They have managed our SBA portfolio and collected on guarantees that the bank had determined were uncollectable. 


We are very happy to recommend Kresser, Corona & Associates as number one lender service provider. 


-Debra, SVP & Special Asset Manager


“With some of the top SBA banks and groups I have worked with, I can truly say this talented team, Kresser, Corona & Associates and our bank, is far above any I have worked with or seen. They have brought great value to the bank and they are definitely cost effective.

I would highly recommend this firm.


-George, Manager Loan Operations


Kresser, Corona & Associates has conducted all our full compliance SBA loan reviews for years. The firm has continued to demonstrate its ability to provide excellent service and support. The firm is an important part of our daily operations as it provides counsel regarding complicated SBA loan matters on a minute’s notice. 


I would definitely recommend Kresser, Corona & Associates to any lender that would like a thorough compliance review of their SBA loans.


Christina , SVP & SBA Manager

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